Soldering gun

Spare Parts (قطع غيار)

SG 100 Soldering gun

Art. No.:240.300.020

For soldering wires and cables and for tin-plating.

Short heating time
Soldering point light
3 interchangeable soldering tips
10 g soldering wire + 10 g soldering grease
Technical Data    
  Mains voltage:
230 V~/50Hz
100 W
  Light: 2,2 V/0,25 W E10 Kegellinse  



GES 135 Drilling and grinding set

Art. No.:120.600.050


- Powerful with high speed
- Electronic speed control
- Flexible shaft
- Telescoping stand
- 40-piece accessoriy set for cutting, drilling, grinding, engraving, milling, polishing, cleaning
Technische Daten    
  Mains voltage:
230 V~
Mains frequency:
  Power rating:
135 W
Idling speed:
10.000 bis 35.000 m/min
  Chuck diameter: 2,5 mm