Stone cutting



TCM 600-180 Tile Cutting Machine

Art. No.:110.100.010

For cutting floor and wall tiles.
High speed ensures clean cuts.
Very little dust by using a water bath.
Cutting depth: 35 mm
Mitre cuts: 90 to 45
+ Parallel fence
+ Diagonal fence
+ Diamond disc: 178x25.4x2.2 mm
Technical Data    
Motor rating:
600 W S2
Diamond disc:
180 mm
Table size:
330 x 360 mm
Cutting depth max.:
35 mm




SSCM 800-200-1 Stone cutting machine

Art. No.:110.210.020

Tile and stone cutting machine
Clean cutting due to high speed

For longitudinal, mitred, double mitred and jolly cuts
Precision motor/cutting disc carriage with straight line guide
Mounted in 4-way ball bearings
Sturdy aluminium table and aluminium guide
Cutting depth 30 mm
No dust generated due to water bath with coolant pump
Angled cuts 0-45
+ Diamond blade, diameter 200 x 25,4 mm
Technical Data    
Motor rating:
800 W
2.950 rpm
Cutting disc:
200 x 25,4
Cutting depth:
30 mm at 90, 25 mm at 45
Cutting length:
560 mm
Table size:
830 x 410 mm
Table height:
902 mm
30 kg




SSCM 1500-250 Tile cutter

Art. No.:110.200.040


Table size: 660x500mm
Alu guide
Underground table
Motor guide 4- times ball bearing
Integrated water pump
Motor continuous rotatable from 0-45
Integrated Transport saving
Technische Daten    
230 V~/50Hz
1500 W
  No load speed:
3000 rpm
Cutting depth::
65mm bei 90 48mm bei 45
Diamond blade::
250 x 25,4 mm
  Cutting angle: